Friday, February 27, 2009

jet lag

Hello and welcome back.

I have just sat here for a stupid length of time trying to write the first blog posting for this new journey and failed to string more than a few words together.

So, this will have to suffice: it is 7.30 in the morning here and 3.30 in the afternoon back home. I have been up about an hour after an interesting flight back to California, and am embracing all that is good about jet lag, knowing full well that it will clear in a couple of days.

I had wanted to write about Love Apple Farm and bio dynamic gardening and the new plan for life on the farm, but i cannot concentrate for long enough just yet, and, on reflection, there will be plenty of time for all of that.

For now, just to let you know, i am here in one piece, healthy and happy and it all feels exceedingly the right thing to be doing at this moment in time. Am missing all my friends back home and sending them love and thanks for the help, laughter, fun, hope and support that we have shared this last few months.

Am looking forward to your comments and discussions too..........