Monday, November 16, 2009

Back in England

I am back in the UK for a while, catching up with family and friends and deciding what to do whilst waiting for my visa appeal to be processed.

I read on line a while ago that it could take 16months, which is a bit of a drag.

Considering getting a job, but helpexchange keeps on tugging. Have just found a ski chalet that needs help in the New Year, so may well be back off to france for a while. Unless, of course, something else turns up to tickle my fancy. It is strange planning my life in such small chunks. I am enjoying the journey and having great fun.

It is amazing what can be packed into a year, or a rucksack for that matter. Have a scroll down the posts and see what I have been up to. If you want to know more, leave a comment and I'll get back to you, or if you know me you could even give me a call.

Thanks for visiting and reading, whether it be avidly or occasionally, you may even just check out the photos. I don't mind, it's just nice to see you here sometime. enjoy what you do, look after yourselves and travel safely.