Sunday, February 04, 2007

kiwi fruit country

Another helpx host, for just a quick visit. Irene and Roger have just moved and needed help sorting out what they want to do with their new garden. Easy!! Have done some fairly drastic pruning, redrawn their out of date garden plans and given them all the advice i can for the future and they are so pleased. They also own a small kiwi orchard which was great to look round and learn what i could.

In exchange got to borrow the car for a couple of days and had a good look round the area, including the great long beach of Papamoa, hundreds of hectares of kiwi and avocado fields, the local towns and even a couple of garden centres. Got to chill on the beach for an afternoon, climb another couple of smaller mountains and get incredibly lost on the unmarked roads out in the country. It all came right in the end with unexpected fiews of the sunset and a moonlight swim before getting home before it was completely dark.

Am now in Rotorua for a couple of days to see what the thermal thing is all about and it stinks of rotten eggs all the time and everywhere. MMMmmmm. According to the guide books, the water is very good for the skin. Hopefully the aroma wears off pretty quick.


joy said...

The North Island looks much more tropical than the South .. is it that different?? Much warmer I expect. Papamoa looks a big place. A bit of garden design . .easy peasy for you and you get someone's car for a few days . .I like this barter type system. Hope the sulphur aroma has worn off .. maybe the drunk person who was smelly had been there?? I love all the postings . .you must have been really proud to catch the fish , , hence the photo of one????? Can't wait to hear the non publishable tales. I do hope there are some. take care xx joy

Anonymous said...

You really ought to consider a career in travel writing!!! Keep enjoying yourself! Lots of Love from Moi & Peter xx

Nick said...

Ah, I thought it wouldn't last... the call of work. Glad to see you're earning a living again! Nick

Anonymous said...

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