Monday, March 05, 2007

missing bits

the last week or so has passed by so fast, without internet opportunity, i shall give you all a small glimpse of where i've been.

in no particular order, photos of:

A Kea on the peak of Avalanche Summit in Arthurs Pass national park on the south island. A 1000metre climb, almost straight up the mountain, my legs didnt work that well the following day!!!

Me admiring the view on the west coast by Pancake Rocks, i just thought you should see a photo of me for once rather than just scenery.

The Frans Joseph Glacier from above in a helecopter, awsome views, later climbed the ice face for 4 hours with a guide. Fascinating and very cold and wet.

View of Frans Joseph village with glacier valley behind, where i stood for ages waiting for a lift. I had boasted that hitch hiking was easy the night before, so i guess i was being punished, it took me over 9 hours to do a 3 hour journey.

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