Monday, February 04, 2008

Doubtful Sound

After visiting Milford Sound last year, i have been looking forward to this trip for ages. A real treat and a bit of luxury i hoped. An overnight boat trip onto the largest accessable fjord in the country. To get there we took a 1 hour boat trip across lake Manapouri, followed by a 40 minute coach drive through the mountains on a road that was constructed purely to install a hydro electricity station back in the 60's, it doesn't join any other roads and is reached only by boat.Then down to the sea, miles from the coast in the most majestic landscape i have ever experienced.
The ship was better than i had imagined and the whole trip flowed with effortless organisation that included every little detail for comfort and enjoyment.
The other passengers were not the usual types i have become accustomed to mixing with and it was quite agreeable to spend time with older more well to do travellers, they fitted the location well, although now back on dry land i do prefer the choices i have made.
I could write for hours about the landscape and scenery, how we stopped for a kayak experience and swim in one of the bays, close up to the waterfalls and wildlife, navigating out into the Tasman Sea and rolling on the huge sea swell for a while, watching seals, dolphins(bottlenose this time), and countless sea birds, the huge buffet dinner with more delicious food than the passengers could possibly hope to consume. Mooring up for the night and lying out on deck stargazing into the early hours, sleeping so soundly before continuing at daybreak the next morning, tucking away a hearty breakfast, and, the most amazing part of all, stopping in a quiet and tranquil bay surrounded by huge mountains and the whole craft shutting down for 5 minutes. Everyone remained completely still and quiet and the there wasn't a sound, the water calmed to mirror flat and the atmosphere was indiscribibly scerene, the landscape inaccessable and unchanged since the last ice age and just one small ship floating there. Awesome, no, really.


Anonymous said...

I closed my eyes...and was there!!! Thank you Sam for continuing my virtual-holiday!!

joy said...

sounds blissful, looks blissful, you are blessed. mind you, you missed the deal at McCrackens . where are the BARE arses?? getting over woman flu' can't believe it grounded me for over a week . .never mind, back to the daily grind tomorrow . .will keep beautiful scenes in my head and just go with the flow . .wonder where you are now?? much love xxx joy

Anonymous said...

Joy, sorry to hear that the woman flu has gotten to you, hopefully you are on the mend now. Plenty of bare arses (and more) coming up when i get round to it.

Moi, you are most welcome to join me any time!!

Hope all is ok with you all.

Big love SAM xx