Wednesday, May 14, 2008

r and r

Spent a wonderful couple of days relaxing and doing very little in the smelliest town in New Zealand, partly because it continued to rain and because that was the plan.

Soaked for hours at the Thermal Baths in a variety of hot pools whilst enjoying a view out across the lake. Swapping from hot to warm to cool pools whilst the rain did its thing. Joined a crowd from the craziest backpackers i have stayed in yet for a night on the town. Quite civilised, all considered.

A lie in on Sunday, followed by a sedate morning with a great cooked breakfast and a stroll by the lake. The afternoon taken up chilling and having a wonderfully relaxing massage at the local hospital, all set up to get the most from the tourist dollar, the facilities are available out of hours to the general public at much more reasonable rates than other private providers.

Am now back at Irene and Rogers for a few days, catching up and helping out with their garden again. Had a great couple of days here last year and its good to return. Plenty of work to do as everything has grown crazily compared to how it does back home. Secateurs and saw at the ready again.....


joy said...

Hi Sam

busy again . .I wish I loved gardening as much as you do . . but have trimmed a few plants in garden and cut grass . .well it is May!! I know at times you miss your friends from here as we do you so it lovely to be able to keep in touch this way . .you are also picking up previous friendships you have made in NZ so that must be great. take care my dear . .must find out how the wood sculpting J & T were planning on doing went .. will let you know xxxxjoy

Anonymous said...

...that massage sounds good...! But I suspect after the saw and secateurs come out you may need another one??
Keep enjoying...and know we think of you often,
Moi & Peter xx