Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Places i saw

Now that i'm sat here, i can't think of what to write today. It's not that i haven't done anything, i have, so here are a few photos of stuff i have done.

A leaf. I tried to take photographs in the botanic gardens in Cairns but couldn't get far enough away from the huge plantings to fit them into pictures well, so decided to do arty ones instead. It was amazingly lush and tropical and very green. Giant speciment of houseplants again, well, those that i recognised, and other towering examples of species that are unrecognisable and have unpronounsable names too. A good plant book will be much more informative.

The highest continuous fall waterfall in Queensland, probably Australia, Wallermans Falls, at 268 metres is an impressive sight. More so the constant roar and even though the water pours over the top at a relatively constant rate something happens causing it to fall in lumps and clumps in a very irregular fashion.

Its banana country here too, thousands and thousands of them lining the roads for miles in every direction. Each bunch guarded from bugs and showers of rain with their own protective raincoat. Have yet to do the obligitory Banana Farm tour so can't bore you with nana stats yet. No doubt the time will come.

Shared an interesting evening with an Austrian family at a campsite last night, we discussed our routes and places that we had visited and i have a whole new list of possible destinations to head off to now. The Kangaroo steaks were delicious and washed down with countless of stubbies of beer, maybe thats why i'm finding it difficult to write anything that stimulating today.


Nick said...

I like the idea of the banana trees with raincoats !

joy said...

That was just one leaf!! amazing .. I do think it must have been the beers as spelling a bit erratic . .what is a stubbie as in stubbie of beers? Are you still trekking about in the camper van?? Bananas with raincoats and umbrellas?? John finally learning to drive . takes test sometime soon I think Fran i assume ok as she hasn't managed to lock herself out of her flat for at least a week!! Will catch up with J & T soon in Cotswolds and I am sure some other people take care camperman xxx joy

Anonymous said...

...for once a place I wouldn't like to visit....the banana place!!! yeuch!!
how many stubbies did you get through!?!?!?
x Moi

Simon said...

Have just started reading my travel diary again as it was this time 2 years ago that we started our trip. I was on safari today! Reading your blog makes me a little jealous despite having exciting time here with Em. When we were in Aus they had no bananas due to tornado and a hand of nanas cost $12 and Simon took them back in the supermarket. Am amused at thought of Moi walking round a banana plantation with hand over nose and eyes shut.Keep having a fab time xxxxxxxx Alex

lil bro said...

this all just makes ur lil bro feel like he wishes he was there with you.
life in Notts sux...
see you soon i hope, big bro..

keep on keeping on having the best time ever tho..

BIG love, as ever..

lil bro