Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bunya Mountains

Not quite like the mountains of New Zealand, these were created many many years before and as such are slightly more eroded now. Large mounds of 'hill' in the middle of some very flat and depressingly dry land. Its amazing how soon after leaving the flat plains that the vegetation changes and becomes greener and lusher, the southern side, away from the harsh sun, tending towards rainforest in its appearance. The bunya trees, once harvested for their timber are part of the monkey puzzle family - real prickly and with cones reaching 10kg, dangerous to be underneath in October.

Tons of wildlife, an amazing variety of birds of all descriptions, plenty of signs describing snakes, lizards and spiders, though thankfully too cold to see many of them about at the moment!!! And wallabys that graze the campground grass keeping it neat and tidy, these two were outside my van when i got up this morning and were later joined by several others.

Am glad to have left the last helpX place, it was rather strange to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed the luxury apartment living and views of the river, but missed being involved with the rest of the inhabitants of the farm. Its just how that place worked i guess - an experience. Now in Dalby, inland from the Sunshine coast by several hours. A couple of people have already asked me why i have come this way, so they probably don't get many tourists here. Will stay a while and see what i can.

Thanks for the messages and olympic updates.... its cool to hear all your news too.


Anonymous said...

Don't mention the Olympic medal table to the Aussies!!!

xx Moi & Peter

joy said...

Are you on your way to Hawaii yet or is it USA or is it both before return to land of your fathers etc etc?? re the os/olympics . apparently their view is that Brits won most of medals sitting down . .I would agree with this view . .see how clever we can be . .don't have to run around a lot . .so my armchair sport watching will be enough for exercise !!had lovely time in lower mill with J & T J's birthday on 30th so celebration in london as usual it is the quiet life for me . .so why did you go to this place? perhaps just to see what is/isn't there. keep tracking xx joy