Sunday, September 28, 2008

San Fransisco

I haven't stopped since i got here, there is so much to do and see and strangely it feels that i have been here before. That must be from the pictures films and books i have read. Tales of The City appears round an amazing number of street corners, my hostel is one block from Grace Cathedral, I've walked through the Summit, Nob Hill, stumbled across The Endup and seen houses that remind me so fully of Barbary Lane it is spooky. Those of you who have not read the books will be wondering what i'm going on about, but it's all good.

My legs have not had so much exercise since NZ, the town is crazily hilly and they're steep. No wonder there are cable cars and trams everywhere. Wonderful architecture both old and new, famous and unknown and with a bit of effort it is all walkable.

Golden Gate Bridge has been hidden in low cloud most mornings, its feet in the water and tops poking out into the blue sky above. Its quite eery. The obligatory sight seeing tour on a red open top double decker bus whisked us round town, the recorded commentary pointing out all the places of interest and reeling off random facts and figures about the city. I have spent plenty of time since, revisiting those sights of interest and trying to keep my dollars in my pocket. Unsuccessfully i may add, as many of the attractions charge and become 'have to do' events once there. As do the cheap clothes and constant supply of tempting food.

I shall soon be citied out and will head off to the countryside for a change and to give my wallet a bit of a rest. Yosemite and Grand Canyon are calling, from how far away i have no idea, they look close on the map and the greyhound is always running.


samthegardener65 said...

'House Boy required. Autumn allotment and garden clearing required. Some light house work and cat stroking needed. Great meals and big hugs provided in city and also country retreat'.

How wonderful.

I think i'll take it. Would the beginning of November suit???

Anonymous said...

absolutely! one request though, please bring back some glorious sunshine! Looking forward to seeing you soon, we've missed you. LoL T&J D&J xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Have you found a Mary-Ann Singleton or Jon Fielding yet???!!!
All sounds wonderful...
Take good care
Hugs from Moi & P to you xxx

joy said...

HI Sam

the lure of J & T I see will have you returning to us soon .. it'll be great to see you again . . hopefully house boy will have some free time!! I have read most of the books so it must have been great to see the reality of the backdrop to them all only a couple of weeks until you're back . .I don't expect you to be any different as you take yourself wherever you go . . but you know lots more about lots more. take care

see you soon

much love xx joy

samthegardener65 said...

Will have plenty of time off to come and see you too Joy, and every one else who will have me, as i have no idea of what i shall be doing in my return, except catching up with my good friends.