Friday, October 17, 2008

a pig and a party

I didn't really know what to expect. Cynthia explained that David 'chef' and his girlfriend Pim were going to host a party for their friends at Love Apple Farm on Sunday. David would arrive before dawn and set up a whole pig roast, ready to be served to the guests mid afternoon. We spent plenty of time cleaning the house and getting prepared for the event. The carpets were cleaned and everything was shiny and polished, even the dogs got a trim, so it was going to be some do.

I got up early to help wrestle the pig onto the spit. it went on several different ways before we found the correct angles for it to be secured for its journey into roastedness. It would have been awful if a leg had dropped into the embers because it was improperly secured, or it had slumped, half cooked off the spit into the fire. The hot fire soon browned the porker and it was duly wrapped in aluminum foil to keep it moist and succulent whilst it cooked through. Chef basted and stoked and added herbs from the garden through into the afternoon.

I snuck off when things were calm and checked out a few art venues. The county has an amazing open studio event once a year with local artists showing their wares at home or in their studio settings. Pottery, pictures, jewelery, glass, clothing and more, definitely worth a look. It was a good opportunity to check out more of the area too. I got back well before the party got underway as i knew i would be needed to help out.

Pim arrived and organised the guests as they arrived, to set out the tables, fill coolers with ice, open wine and champagne, set out their dishes ready for the feast. She knew exactly what she was doing, and how to get it done. Well, she should, as a professional foodie, just check out here blog and you'll see what i mean. "My Martha Moment" and see pictures of the party in full swing......(i completely forgot to take any pictures)

I was probably introduced to fifty or so of the eighty guests, so forgive me for not remembering all their names. Quizzed about the garden, sent to fetch things for chef and for Pim, plied with very fine wine and some exquisite food and had a great time. Loads of people had not been to the garden before and they were so excited and impressed by the set up, i felt proud to be able to tell them a bit about its history and its relationship with the restaurant and to identify the vegetables that folk were curious about. Maybe i actually like gardening.......


Anonymous said...

sounds fantastic, but is it cold? your hat suggests it is, and I can almost taste the crackling....

love apple farm sounds too idylic and you are starting to sound very californian,. be careful we will take the piss out of you if you step too far over the common sense line..

are you off to la or las vegas next?

ps am still in a job and still feeling terrifically smug no need to mash up those turnips quite yet... much love j x

joy said...

Sam gardening IS what you do and have been doing no matter where you have been . .or hadn't you noticed :) America is a whole new vibe are you staying where it is not all rush rush or moving on to the bright lights/big cities etc. You make it all sound grand and as you are on a grand trip that's how it should be. I have finally gotten round to clearing up the rubbich tip at the bottome of the garden . .all 15 bags of it . .they are getting to know me at the tip!! take care much love XX joy

Anonymous said...

...that was good of an early b-day party for you!!! Hope you had a great day and had a suitable hangover?! Love Apple farm sounds as though it has been very therapeutic! Bring a little of it back to the UK for us to share!
xx Moi & P x

Anonymous said...

Remember: they aren't married.

: D