Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jacob Cooks Dinner

One of the chefs, Jacob, from Manresa often comes over on harvest days to help gather produce for the kitchens and has become part of the farm family.

He offered to cook dinner the other night and produced an amazing meal from the gardens.

Yes, a photograph of people n my blog,its a rare sight indeed, i know. Cynthia is on the right, then Jacob, next to Josh, a volunteer in the corner opposite Sarah, who is here for a year, learning all about biodynamic farming methods. Another extended family and great fun.

This is really short as i just gave you loads or reading about visas below and thought a few photos were in order. Hope everyone is doing great out there.


Meg said...

Hey, that's my brother! I can imagine it was awesome. He's so talented. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam when wil you be back before or after Daisy/Alix is due?? I have a garden to sort out if you aren't going europe trekking. Visa application sounds a nightmareso it is good you have a plan B or is it C? keep striving keep your beliefremember when you forst got to SF there was a very different vibe from your emails ( I know!! it's only words on a screen but nevertheless I felt it) if it feels right then it is right. All ok sun shining in between the april showers busy picking up new bits of new job and just chilling when not at work .. being lazy as usual as I don't feel driven t anything. I call it peace and contentment take care xx joy

Anonymous said...

...for us of course it means we might see a little of you this summer...and Joy might get a bit of her garden sorted...and you can help on the various allotments/veg patches/window boxes we all have!! you say a long wait....but if it is going to mean you get to stay there long's not really that long in relevant terms! (does that make any sense??)KTF
ps...get them to take a photo of you with your most recently adopted family!