Friday, July 10, 2009

one evening

Benji thought it would be a good idea to take the truck to the end of the road to catch the sunset one evening. An excellent idea. We all piled in, complete with champagne, glasses, cameras and had a great ride up the track, bouncing about in the back of the pickup like a load of kids.

The view from the lookout was outstanding. Snow capped mountains to the south, the little village of Massat, nestling snugly at the bottom of the valley, just below us. The sun had just disappeared, leaving behind it a wonderfully coloured sky, dotted with shapely clouds in the warm evening air. We found a clear patch of heather amongst the bracken and watched the view for a while. Ages in fact, spotting images in the clouds and trying to describe where to see the running kiwi, a great white, a dog trying to catch the moon, and the nose of the dog turning into another dog, still trying to catch the moon. The toil of the day melted away as the champagne worked its magic and all that was missing was pudding.

And what a puddings they were, check out the trifle and black currant tart. MMmmm. Donna is the pudding queen. She lives down the road and is a great friend of Justin and Emily, it seems to be her role at the moment to provide great puddings for the workers at the house. They raise our spirits and fill our bellies, she does a great job. Thank you Donna.

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Anonymous said...

...never was there a T-shirt worn that was more apt!!!
x Moi & Peter