Thursday, June 17, 2010


What floods?

I have had a couple of texts enquiring as to my safety which I thought rather strange until I discover that there have been huge huge storms in other regions of France and that people have been swept to their death in flash floods.

Here there has been light but persistent rain for the last few days, it has dampened the spirits somewhat, and highlighted where the holes are in the roof, but nothing more serious than that.  

So, thank you all for your concern and rest assured that I am still alive and kicking, though perhaps a little damp.


joy said...

Good to know you were in a different part of France . .we must all get a bit better at geography!! As Moira says it seems like you vewry qucikly got into it all again . . I'd be interested to know how + when you will be changing the world . .and whatyour vision would be ... . xx joy

Anonymous said...

...just as well I checked on here...was imagining you and your phone had been swept away when I didnt get a text back!! Glad you are (relatively) dry!
x Moi

Anonymous said...

Glad you are OK, Simon says will you HelpX us with the garden? Loft nearly done so you won't have to sleep on the sofa and get woken up by Emma every morning