Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dir. Massat

Cat, Freddie and I took an afternoon off from the building site, borrowed the hippy car and went for a drive in the mountains.  We decided that we didn’t need to go for a walk of any size due to the fact that we had pulled and chopped wood for most of the previous day and had had plenty of exercise.

They are both Law students, studying a combined French English Law Degree.  The first two years of the course are in London and the second two years in Paris, so they are in france to improve their language skills.  Enthusiastic and great fun, they are up for trying all the tasks here, up on the roof, pulling wood, pointing, although the heavier tasks are taking their toll on the young desk bound students.

We chose a route that took us over a couple of high passes and through remote small towns and villages.  Caught glimpses of ski lifts and buildings looking strangely out of place in their summer pastures, herds of cows wandering the hills accompanied by the incessant clanging of the huge bells that they wear round their necks paragliders rising on thermals and playing in the wind, a 2CV, crumble down ruins, people having picnics in the oddest of places and some absolutely stunning scenery.  

What a great way to spend an afternoon, relaxing and sight seeing at the same time. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are still having a ball, when the apocalypse comes you are the man I want to know as you can just keep going, build good shelter and grow me food. Please learn to slaughter and butcher animals at your next place and turn sheep into jumpers.
A,S and E
PS Spare room now ready for you