Sunday, October 03, 2010

time off from building

the neverending Gers countryside at the end of summer

Ben and Abi looking like a lovely couple

Cheers to my hosts Chris and Cherry

sailing without wind

Time off I hear you say?  Has there been time?  Sometimes if feels as if I have been working non stop for weeks, but I haven’t.  There has been plenty of time to explore the local area and more than enough things going to keep me occupied during my free time.

A grand meal out on Abi’s last day, to the most dilapidated seventies building with a weed strewn carpark, broken signs and shabby exterior, concealed a wonderful restaurant where meat was cooked on an open fire in the dining room and delicious food emerged from the kitchen.  It was so bad from the outside that Chris nearly drove away, but we had a great evening and left more than satisfied with what we had discovered.

We took to a local reservoir one weekend and met up with one of Ben’s friends who arrived with a sailing boat.  The setting was wonderful, out in the countryside with woods along one shore, a man made beach, easy swimming in less than cold water and clear blue skies.  The only disappointment was that there was a complete lack of wind.  We launched and flapped our way out into the middle of the lake with the occasional draught and then came to a complete stop.  The water became glassy calm and we just sat there for about twenty minutes, the only movement came from fish, jumping to catch the occasional insect that landed on the surface.  After a while we paddled the boat back to shore.  It was fun, but could have been much better with a good breeze.

I took the car out several times to explore the local area and also to visit Vanessa and Lisa who were about twenty minutes away in Charlas and on other occasions just chilled with a book.  

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