Sunday, August 14, 2011

helpx article in the guardian newspaper

During the last few months I have been interviewed on line by a freelance journalist, Claudia Cahalane, for an article in the Guardian newspaper. She wrote to me on numerous occasions and asked all sorts of questions, I dug deep into my memories and gave the best answers that I could. The resulting article can be found by clickinge here or, hopefully, on the headline of this post. I think that it's great. Thanks Nicolas for the introduction.

The topic was helpx and how it has changed my career, my attitude to work and about any new skills that I may have learned along the way. I flicked back through my blog entries, diaries and photos to trigger memories and supplied Claudia with pages of information, she probably has enough for several further articles, should she feel the need.

We have since talked on the telephone and discussed the possibility of me writing a book, which I am excited yet nervous about. What sort of book? Travel? self discovery? a journal? in what sort of format? what tense? from what angle? aimed at who? or is that whom? It's all rather exciting and I am starting to formulate ideas. If you have any thoughts as a follower of my blog or a first time reader I would love for you to comment. What sort of book would you like to see?

This could be an exciting sideline, or perhaps more of a career change than I had thought until now. It's going to take some time, or it may never happen, but who knows, one day we may be able to read about my adventures in a real live book. I am just waiting to get back on the road so that i can dedicate some decent time to it.

I am not sure how long the article in the paper will be archived for on the Guardian website, it may disappear at some stage and if it does, my links will no longer work.


Anonymous said...

...always said there was a book in you!!! ( and remember I offered to edit!!) GO FOR IT!!!!
Much love, Moira xx

Anonymous said...

p.s do you think if I write to the Guardian they will knock years off my age too!!!! :-)

joy said...

Hi Sam you kept that very quiet . .I agree with Moira . .we've been saying on and off there's a book there. . . .wouldn't matter to me which avenue of writing you chose as I love catching up with you on the blog . . lovely photo too .. you gotta do it what's that saying . .face the fear + do it anyway or something similiar . .xxx joy

Pastor Perry said...

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