Friday, September 30, 2011

2Ha Tarn Valley

Just a few photos to show you what the ruin and land looked like.  I have decided that there were just too many challenges and I am not going for it. The main and unalterable one being that the whole site is on a north facing slope fairly low in a valley, with high sides that would obscure the sun for far too long during the winter months, probably leaving the whole site in shade for quite a while.  That with the lack of electricity (solar wouldn’t work well in the shade), water, phone line and mobile phone coverage, I think, is too much to be going on with.  Not to mention the lack of habitation license.
Other than that the site was just about perfect. 1 Hectare of woodland and another hectare made up of three parcels, the main one being half a hectare of pasture.   A great size, gently sloping with stream and woodland, I said that there was a catch and I think that orientation is just that.  I would have been very tempted to overcome the other challenges if it had been south facing.  Still, not bad for a first attempt. It has concentrated my thoughts and made me really consider what it is I am looking for and what is important both for successful growing and also personally for successful living, my list is now long and varied, with plenty of scope for modification.  For now, I’ll just keep on looking.

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Anonymous said...

.....the right plot is out there waiting for you!
x Moi