Thursday, November 03, 2011

what do you think?

in need of renovation, it could make a beautiful home

south facing, off the beaten track, although one of 
the GR walks passes along this route.

October sunshine illuminates this exciting proposition,
an acre of slightly sloping fertile land awaits cultivation and a new venture.

a lick of paint and some new carpet, it'll be fine.
anyone know how to rebuild ceilings, plaster and install a kitchen?

the old owners have even left the tiles to put back on the roof.
All I need to do now is learn the necessary skills.

Images of the second plot of land that I have viewed on my quest to settle down again after four years on the road.  My plan is to find somewhere small and affordable with a decent amount of land.  I want to produce enough fruit and veg to feed myself year round, hopefully provide courses, or at least an insight into productive gardening and for those in need of a bit of guidance. Host helpX helpers to share the bounty of knowledge that I have accumulated over the years and to live more simply with less demands on the excesses of modern consumerism.

Your comments please....


private ro said...

It has beautiful charm I agree with renovation it would be a great home.

LoveAppleFarm said...

If there is anyone who can do this, and do it spectacularly, it's you, Sam Miller!

Anonymous said...

...well said Love Apple Farm!!!

x Moi

Nick Wright said...

I'm looming forward to visiting already!

Being on a GR route could be handy. Where is it?