Wednesday, January 04, 2012

its christmas

Lou Rider in the snow

Goats cheese on toast with honey.......

set for dinner

I arrived at the chalet to find everything in full swing. Rooms full of guests, a new team to get to know and thankfully, for everybody, snow. It didn’t take much time to find my feet and slip back into the routine again. Few things have changed so it is mainly adjusting to the pace of a chalet full of guests with only a couple of days to go till Christmas.

Mark, the chef, is back, full of ideas for magnificent meals and treats over the festive season, deliveries arrive to fill the cellar, store cupboards and fridges in preparation. The new crew are willing and able, all that is needed is to get them up to speed in the way things are done round here and to make sure everyone has a great time.

A week ago the whole mountain had been bare, with cows grazing in the pastures and a warm southerly wind blowing so the snow has come just in time. The pistes are in a good condition for the amount of snow that has fallen and our fingers are all crossed for more snow to come.


Anonymous said...

Great to see all the pre xmas and xmas photos! Hope you have good snow but not the crazy snow they've had in Austria?? Dont want you experiencing avalanches!!
Keep blogging....and keep having a red run for me! x Moi

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