Thursday, March 08, 2012

progress with a ruin

Where do I start? Everyone is excited about the little ruin in Beauregard, but nothing much seems to be coming to fruition.

I have recently discovered, through a friend of my last helpX host last year, that the estate agent was not exactly telling the truth. Brigitte, whom I stayed with last November wrote to me asking how things were going and said that one of her good friends was also a friend of the Mayor of Beauregard and could she do anything to help with the purchase.

To start with I thought that all was proceeding fine, then I thought that it would be good to check the details that the agent had provided. Thankfully I did, as all is not as I had been lead to believe. There is no electricity or water supplied to the site, I had been told that it would be financed by the town and all I would have to do is pay for connection. In fact, there is no finance and I will have to pay for the whole instillation.

I am currently writing to the relevant utility agencies to get estimates or quotes for the instillation of a supply of water and of electricity. The closest electricity supply I found last time I visited was 185 metres away. No one can tell me where the nearest water pipes are. Various costs have been banded about, although without substantiation, so I am waiting patiently for the correct business to supply me with the details.

It takes a while, firstly to find out which business deals with what, to then translate their websites, download or print the forms, complete them, before sending them off, often via the town hall for a mayoral stamp of approval. I have done several already, only to be contacted to be told that they are not, in fact, the correct agency, and I should reapply to another department or business. The town hall has been incredibly helpful and has answered all my email enquiries promptly and with all the information I have requested. Most of the companies too, are helpful, although, as everything is so fragmented here I still have to find the correct offices to obtain the figures that I require. Patience is ever necessary and thankfully I have been fully occupied here in the mountains for the duration of this time consuming exercise.

So the fact that my contact at the agency was off sick for nearly two months has made absolutely no difference to the speed in which things are progressing. Thankfully she was, otherwise I may not have discovered these facts in time and may already be in possession of a building that I cannot afford to connect to the electricity or water supply. We are looked after in mysterious ways and I give thanks for whatever force it was that has controlled these events so far.

I remain hopeful that all will come right, though more cautious and also prepared for other outcomes. If connection to the utilities proves too expensive then it is not the property for me. Searching again for ruins and plots of land on the internet is fun and interesting and so far has confirmed that the ruin at Beauregard may well be good value for money. Fingers crossed as ever.


joy said...

it's all karma Sam .. what will be will be and as you say blessings the woman was sick for 2 months . .as usual you will make sure you have ALL the relevant info and check it all out and then make your decision
take care hugs xx joy

Anonymous said...

.....there's always a little bit of good in every bit of said my Grandma......and I agree!! It must be that the right thing is yet to happen....and it will my lovely friend.....xx Keep smiling....Moi
ps good you have a friend of a friend of the mayor......'it's not what you know it's who you know' can come in useful sometime xx

Anonymous said...

ps hi there Joy!
x Moi

Anonymous said...

Good job she wasn't well, I can't believe she is so incompetent/ a liar! Good luck