Sunday, July 08, 2012

roundhouse walling

reciprocal roof detail

the roundhouse before the walls went up

straw retaining walls pinned with chestnut stakes

protecting the straw from moisture and the liner from damage

backfilled with soil

A couple of weeks ago, after getting the garden up to speed I became involved in the roundhouse project.  The round ‘henge’ complete with reciprocal roof were already in place.  We have since worked on the back, straw wall, its protection from the earth backfill.  We used a wooden trellis behind the bales to allow the wall to breathe, followed by an old padded pool layer to provide cushioning and then a double layer of heavy duty polyethene which drops way below ground level and is held in place with a land drain.  All of which is then protected with a layer of woven landscape fabric.  Where there are protruberances, they are further cushioned with squares of pool cover, not exactly ecological, but great use of something that would otherwise contribute to landfill.
Backfilling and compressing of the earth was hot, time consuming work and me being the thinnest spent most of the day squeezed between the back wall and the earth tucking in the layers of protection and then guiding and compressing the earth into place.  Happy days.


Anonymous said...

....looks fab! I am expecting Kevin whatsisname from Channel4 to appear at any moment....
Keep enjoying xx Moi

joy said...

looks like you are too busy to look for land at the moment Sam . .plus France is putting more costs on 'foreigners' with homes in france . .seems as if france may no longer want to encourage others ?? don't know too much about it yet. xx joy

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