Sunday, November 03, 2013

salamanca for morning coffee

Salamanca was much quieter the following morning, an ideal place for a cultural saunter and a cappuchino before a day on the road.  Beautiful yellow stone buildings, ornate beyond belief, somewhere religiously important judging by the buildings of old and more specifically when seeing the ‘Universidad Pontifica’.  You can get a degree in priest or bishop or monastic management perhaps.  Who knows.  Yet it was definitely good for a visit, some historical insight will be good one day, perhaps to explain it’s being there and it’s grandness, but great to start the day.

Little did we know then, that we’d be leaving culture and Spain later that day and arriving in good time for dinner at Peter and Michael’s rustic and basic place deep in the Portuguese mountains.   Charmin informed me that our journey time to final destination would be four or so hours, so we went for it without hesitation.  That would give us two full days before Peter headed back to England, a decent time to catch up and spend some quality time.

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