Monday, October 13, 2014

what to say next.....

Just thinking of all that has happened during the last couple of weeks and don’t really know where to start.  It’s been full on and a bit all over the place, now I’m not at home again and have time to sit, think and plan some more.  

Three nights of house and dog sitting in comfort.  My washing is on the line drying, I’ll enjoy a long warm bath later on and slip back into the world of electricity and indoor running water without a thought, life is good and the weather is being kind for the better part.  I got caught in an torrential downpour the other afternoon, had to check the van windows were closed and got absolutely drenched in the process.  Percy then got stuck in the mud and I had to get a local farmer to pull him out with a tractor.  Lesson learned.  Other than that, warm autumnal sunshine, the ground is more workable after the rain and I’m getting on with preparations for planting fruit trees and hedges this autumn and space for next years veggie patch.  

an arty one of me taken by Bert at the weekend

Once it has rained for a week it will be too late to work the soil as the ground here is almost solid, sticky clay that clings to tools, boots and clothing alike.  It’ll need a few days to dry off after each storm and the time in between will have to be filled with other tasks.  Oh, I momentarily forgot the 7500m2 of brambles to be cleared, the ruin and all the planning that has to happen.  No, I shan’t be short of things to do for some time to come.

So, in no particular order, some of the things that I have achieved and have happened since I returned home.  Post by post.

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Poor Percy…….! xx Moi