Friday, November 21, 2014

photographic evidence

wholesome lunchtime salad, followed by bread and cheese and a good cup of tea 
washing up facilities have improved

earthworks by the drive are now settling nicely

the mustard and broad beans that I sowed have germinated well and the roots will bind
the soil together nicely before the winter sets in

starting to leaf mulch the vegetable patch to keep it snug for the winter.  the worms will
work most of those leaves into the ground and it'll be easier to work next year.

progress with the extended vegetable area.  three beds now dug and mulched
paths covered with cardboard to keep the weeds down till I can sow clover next spring

the piles of reclaimed items continues to grow


Anonymous said...

…..tis freezing here (well compared to recent temps…..) so envious of your salad! xx M, P & M xx

Anonymous said...

Finally a huge amount of info- huzzah. What brilliant reading and am well Jel of Fergus and co. We'll be over next year. It sounds like you're moving on in leaps and bounds. Are you coming over to Blighty this winter?

joy said...

all coming along nicely I see Sam . .love hearing your news xx joy