Wednesday, April 22, 2015

spring is sprung

Everything is growing at breakneck speed at the moment.  Alternating rains followed by warm sunshine for several days is providing ideal conditions for everything including the weeds.  Spring has really sprung, the surrounding countryside changing colour day by day, getting greener with every hour.  Seeds sown and germinating fast ( they will be going on holiday as I will be sepending a few days in the mountains at Lou Rider, so they’ll have to come with me to get watered!!)  Check out the photos......

fresh new growth of spring

loving the purple sprouting.  even the second cut is delicious

the raised beds have remained almost weed free where a decent mulch was put down in autumn.
liking this very much

cut a hole through the trees to get easy access to the lower field

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Anonymous said...

….it's looking vibrant….isnt it a great time of year….much love Moi xx