Thursday, September 17, 2015

a dilemma

A dilemma, or as one good friend remarked, a golden spanner in the works.

After patiently waiting for many years, I have received monies owed to me from a venture that I left nearly a decade ago. Through changing circumstances my ex colleagues have managed to buy my share of a house and land that we owned together, something that I hadn’t envisaged happening for many years, perhaps at retirement age or possibly never.

Immediately after receiving the cheque, I was overjoyed to come to the end of the waiting, the uncertainty of broken promises and disappointments as their attempts to arrange finance fell through.  The relief to no longer worry that investment for repair and upgrade would become necessary on a house that I no longer wanted or needed.  

Over time the weight of this invisible burden is lifting and the life changing possibilities of such additional finance are dawning on me.  A process of realisation that has continued for several months now with more and more diverse and interesting options manifesting themselves to me as time goes by.

Needless to say, my original projects are on hold whilst I reevaluate my options and try to discover the true impact of this fortunate change in circumstances.  I shall take my time and enjoy discovering the possibilities.  There is no rush to press on regardless and the future will reveal itself when it is good and ready. 

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