Friday, December 22, 2006


whats been going on in here on my blog, it looks more exciting that what i've been up to. Who are all these anonymous comments from? Be good if they were signed off so we can see who they were from. The observation about 'The Piano' is very apt, and it has been a while since i've been up to anything majorly interesting. The village too far away from anywhere to really get out in the evenings or go into town, so we have been going quietly mad amongst the millions of flowers - leucospermums to be precise, in red (tango) orange ( harry chittock) and yellow ( high gold) - well, someone did ask!! most are off to Japan for their new year, the rest go to local florists. I did look for the Kiwi on the hills here, but aparently they are not found locally any more.
I will mention the kidnapper of my brother if (s)he reveals their true identity. Keep feeding him cheese and biscuits as he will need the extra padding for when he goes skiing in the winter but don't bother sending me his fingers, they are really cheap here and i already have several spare. Send them to the garden centre for the new puppy to play with, glad to hear all is going well back on the hill.
The surfing is coming along great - have bought a wet suit so as not to miss out when we all finish, which is now. Now just need some summer weather.
The last flowers were despatched yesterday afternoon and we are now preparing to party for the next week. On a trip into town to get supplies and stock up for christmas... vodka, brandy, christmas pudding, delicious ham......... then hopefully hit the beach or go out in the boat diving during the next few days if the weather improves. I forgot to bring the disk with my photos on, so you'll all have to wait a bit longer for illustrations. Sorry. Also running out of winter clothes as its so cold here - had the fire lit last night, coz it was needed. Thought it was supposed to be the middle of summer here. Still, it will be good when it arrives.
Still having a great time and looking forward to Christmas, and then moving on to experience something new.
Best wishes to you all.


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas 2006 eve big bro, I'm chillin & a tokin, munchin & a smokin ere in Notts...spendin my Xmas day wiv the west bridgford communist society!
wot about you?

love, as ever

lil bro


joy said...

merry christmas Sam Fran & John send their love. Thought I'd posted a message yesterday . .probably too much vino so here goes again. Glad your're liking the adventure . .enough of flowers now? when are you off for the next phase and what will it be?? Thinking good vibes. take care much love and hugs from the 3 of us.x x x xjoy, Fran & John

Anonymous said...

happy chrimbo gorgeous sam. hope its warmer by now.

all grey and gloomy here but lovely as we are on holiday. spent a lovely christmas & boxing day with glen and fran - everyone sends their love. bmi had dropped but cheese & bics have been tempting ... so back on the wagon in jan (still looking fabulous though!)

the fog has now cleared (there wont be fog by tea time!) - but "global" jac only just made it home for christmas when flights were cancelled and she had to take the slow train from the land of haggis to the big fabulous smoke.

what's your NYE & january plans now the flower picking's done?

missing you lots, loads of love T, J, D & J xxxxxx