Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas view


Loopy Lou said...

Great photo - Merry Christmas from sleepy London (not). Looks soooo lovely and like you're having a fabulous time (lucky bastard).

Don't forget to book in for your massage when you're back in Blighty.

Lots of love

Lorraine & Pete xxxx

joy said...

Sam, it is a very beautiful place .. if a bit out in the sticks. Bit too far for me to go for the weekend for some rest and relaxation though . .ah never mind. didn't make it to Glen & Fran's to catch up with everyone as Fran and John here and forgot not to drink during the day . .so no driving.John off to Salisbury tomorrow. It's been great chilling out with him and Fran and having family time which is rare for us to do although i was back to work today but having next week off. Lovely to see a pic of your good self 'working'. Can't wait to hear where you're off to next. Haven't seen the gorgeous duo yet but I'm sure we'll catch up at some point. . .although it is my hibernation time!! take car much luv from us all

xxxjoy, Fran & John