Thursday, December 13, 2007

Through the jet lag

I've just spent a few minutes reading the first entries of this Blog from last year and i'm a bit stumped as to what to write. Hopefully i'll get into the swing of writing again before too long.

Have been in New Zealand for about a week now, it seems loads longer and obviously a lot more familiar the second time round and feels really great to be back. So far i'm following the same route and am back picking flowers until Christmas. John and Julie are such great hosts and everyone seems to fit in as part of their family. 2 canadians, 2 japanese and 2 english helpers here this season, along with several local paid helpers that come and go as necessary.

I'm through the strange experience of jetlag where everything seems fine until you reach the end then it becomes hugely aparent that the last few days have been spent in a vague confusion. Thankfully all over now and my brain has returned to its usual useful state.

The weather is much much better than last year, much warmer and sunnier than previously although we have just been through a day of Devon drizzle and wet. It allowed us all a day off from picking and a bit of a break. Visited the South Island Art Gallery in Christchurch, only to discover that a high proportion of the exhibits are european and the instillation art is similarly obscure to those back home, still, it was a good afternoon out and saved getting soaked. The museum was much more interesting without jetlag (last visit) with historical displays of maori arrival through european discovery up to near persent day. A huge collection of Antarctic items reclaimed from early explorations and plenty of other random stuff.

Off to pick flowers again now. Catch you all soon.


Windy said...

hope your Flower picking is going swimmingly well Bro...I'm freezin me nuts off here...gettin sorted for the main event...eurgh!...and sorting 'Xmas Cake or Death' for this weekend...iCe Skating in Old Market Sq followed by gentlemanly debauchery @ Windy Towers, and I've also GUARANTEED a 'white' Xmas...more again very soon....

Big Love

Lil Bro XX

Ginny said...


I really haven't got the hang of this technolgy lark. I wrote a message but have no idea where it went and it hasn't appeared - so trying again.

you will no doubt be in the last throws of picking and cutting, sorting and packing before the big day. I am sure by Christmas day you will all need a break and a beer or two.

Fergus and I are still busy, busy, busy doing this and that - you know. Had to go in to work to talk about my return but not thinking of that till the new year. Don bought a christmas tree the size of a house - he is normally bar humbug at Christmas so fatherhood must have tickled something. He did admit once it was up that the propotions weren't quite right for the room. And he a surveryor too.

Anyway you - we will be thinking of you but will sign off now just in case I loose this one too!

all our love

G, D, and F