Thursday, December 20, 2007

Two more days of picking

then it's time off to party.

Christmas preparations are coming on a treat here. The living room is full of boxes and packing materials for flowers and either we're out in the fields picking Leucodendron flowers, down in the basement grading them and packing them into boxes eating or sleeping. No, its not that work orientated, the family and paid workers do far more than us helpXers and are somewhat more tired than us too.

Have read a couple of good books whilst the weather has been wet, if it rains overnight, which it as done several times, we have to wiat till the plants have dried off a bit before we pick so we get a free morning then work into the evening so tend not to go out.

The other helpers are great, a Canadian couple, late 20's librarian and sculptor who are having time out for their honeymoon and a bit of an adventure, are sure that they are so so different to people from the USA, but i don't see it myself, Adam a young lad from the UK, near Lyme Regis, full of jokes and amusement. Two individuals from Japan and one from Malaysia, they find the language and cultural differences quite different but more involved a time goes by. A good interesting mix of folk with plenty of interesting conversation and discussion as well as plenty of fun.

We'll sort Christmas in a couple of days once the last flowers have been dispatched, everyone has some thought on what they want to contribute so it should be good. We may even go as far as getting a Christmas tree, though its hardly worth it if the weather picks up and we spend all day outside in the warm.


Nick said...

Hi Sam,

Have a good Christmas - sounds like it'll be a bit warmer than ours here - it's been hovering at about zero degrees in Glasgow for days now!

Best wishes for 2008,


joy said...

Hi Sam Like Ginny I have put one message in and it has disappeared . .trying again! is it all a bit deja vue and if so pleasantly so? Have been a bit of a crock the past few days . .did my shoulder in . . so lots of pain killers & lots of ice packs and a LOT of pain . .but feeling slightly more human today. Just as well Fran is cooking the Crimble dinner this year .. hope to feel well enough to drive to Cotswolds for New Year with those amazing women J & T. . .so drab here, snow in Nottingham . .at least at Windy's . . and huge crimble trees in north london . .so here's to you, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun . .sorry that's a song by Slade . .but the sentiments are the same . .have a great christmas and a wonderful '08 . . xx joy

joy said...

Hi Sam

Sorry for just getting into blog until now . .lost the address but luckily found it today . .is it a bit deja vue?? Have been poorly these last couple of days . .great just in time for Crimble!! done my shoulder in . . no idea how . .so lots of painkillers, ice packs and misery . .feeling slightly morw with it today . Fran being great no 1 daughter . .just as well she's cooking crimble dinner. so drab here, snow in Nottingham,well at least at Windy's, and huge trees in north london. . .so here's to you Merry Christmas everybody's having fun . .oops that's a song by Slade .. . have a wonderful time and a great '08. Hope I get fit enough to drive to Cotswolds to see the amazing girls for new year . .much love joy xx

Ricky the dartmouth menace said...

hey sam!
sounds awsome man
all weave got back here is lots of lovley frost and some rain...
all the trees are gone bar 1 that alan hasnt had any luck selling, (hes been quite the buisnesman lol)

anyways have a verry merry christmas and an awsume new year!

Anonymous said...

hello darling, stop moaning about the drizzle and LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, am just recovering from a strange wave of flu (yes a holiday therefore I am sick) christmas went by in a weird blur (perhaps that was the brandy and lemsip) perhaps similar to jet lag....

We brought the cats down to lower mill for the first time who have slipped into it very easily. apart from being slightly wide eyed at the 'big birds' nothing phases them and they have not yet noticed (after 5 days) that they have not been outside...

We are trying to gear up for new year, lots of good friends and family to see us into 2008. What are you up to?
Much love jac x

Anonymous said...

Helloooo! A belated Merry Xmas from we felt the urge and headed for the snow at Christmas! It is so lovely to read comments from folk we don't see v well as enjoy the travelling tales from Down Under! maybe this is the purpose of your trip keep an out of work teacher amused! Take care my friend...lots of love n hugs for the New Year
from Moi & Peter xx

ps Happy New Year to you out there in 'blog land' who remember us northerners! x