Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Going Organic

There was a huge farmers market in Dunedin on Saturday morning, probably 35 or 40 stalls selling everything from the farm and quite a few other organic goods. Had a great bacon buttie for my breakfast and went to meet Shaun from Wairuna Organics to hitch a lift back to the farm where i now am.

Shaun and Pia have a 3 acre organic farmstead that provides them with a wonderful lifestyle and a pretty good income from what i saw at the market. My home for the next week or so is an old green caravan, parked in the middle of an established apple orchard, quite close to the kitchen and with the most wonderful view of the vegetables, marching in straight lines up the field opposite. Beyond a wooded area and then out onto rolling hills way off into the distance. It's great to see quite so much space and the light in the evenings as the sun sets sets the landscape aglow.

There is plenty of time to check out the view as most of my tasks so far have been out on the vegetable fields. Weeding three rows of carrots that you can only imagine how long they are, dissapearing up over the brow of the hill like one of those neverending walks to an ellusive summit. Then back down again, this time hoeing between batches of the most wonderfully colourful lettuces and stir fry leaves. On to the cabbages and broccoli that run in the same straight rows. I'm promised a change of scenery tomorrow, with tomatoes, courgettes, squashes and pumpkins, cucumber and herbs.

Free time spend swinging in the hammock under the apple trees reading, exploring the local village and discovering what is over them there hills up past the woods. Probably just some more hills.

You can probably imagine what the meals are like, all freshly harvested veggies, meat from one of their recently slaughtered cows, sheep or pigs, milk from the pet cow all plentiful, home made and organic. i think i may be here for a while. Maybe you should go and eat something, i am, i've made myself hungry just writing about it all.


joy said...

Sounds perfect for you . .I am so envious .. mind you I'd probably do my back in if I tried all that gardening or shoudl it be husbandry or just farming?? some pictures of this place please . .also of your current home . .the caravan . .giving you ideas?? yes i am hungry now after all those food stuffs you've mentioned and the meals you are having. . teatime!! xxxjoy

Anonymous said...

...what an idyllic lifestyle!!! Lucky you!!! keep writing these beautifully descriptive blog entries Mr Miller...I seriously think there's a book to be written! You take care...
x Moi

ps...Jac...is the WII that good for exercise...? I need all the help I can get stuck in rainy Cumbria!

Anonymous said...

Note to Moi, yes the wii really is very energetic but only if you do the sports package... make sure you have nothing you can break within swinging distance. Tan tells me she read an article that someone lost a stone in a month! (probably bacause they go too addicated to stop and eat food)

Sam stop talking about food, and tell us your plans. Had a goodbye dinner with Nikki last night who is getting ready to fly out and we want to know what you'll be up to next Month and March.

lots of love jac x