Thursday, January 24, 2008

Remnants of Christmas

Took a trip to Invercargill, about 100km away the other day to see what it was like. Just as described in the guide books - a service town for the large rural community with few attractions other than those needed by the surrounding population. I guess they don't spend their time drinking coffee or eating out when they go into town, more like buying essentials for their farms and robust clothing to protect themselves from the harsh climate. Though the town did go to the expense of putting out the Christmas decorations last December. They look so strange and out of place on this side of the world in the sunshine. There were a couple of pieces of interesting architecture and a wonderful park, but i shan't be visiting again without good reason.

Am still busy on the farm, harvesting garlic and preparing again for the market - a bit of everything that is ready, all cleaned and bagged up ready for sale on Saturday. Looking forward to the 4.30 start to get it all set out before the crowds arrive, take away tea and another bacon buttie to get the day off to a good start.

Spent yesterday afternoon planning the next part of my journey, booking accomodation and transport and working out the most exciting places to go. Suffice to say i have a good fortnight of adventure coming up in the Catlins, Doubtful Sound, Queenstown and beyond. keep watching or get your atlas out to see where i get to and what it's all like.


joy said...

I'll try with the atlas as it may mean I get better at geography .. though unlikely. .. maybe just google the names. . .see my 'web' skills are increasing! You are truly blessed . .though maybe research your trips . .that twon sounded very strange . .maybe it's like stepford wives . .spooky .. more likely still in the '50's?
Congrats to El presidente who has a variety of aliases so glad you enjoyed your course . .but as Sam says . .don't chop ALL the trees down if you get on it . . Heath Ledger, beautiful boy, and it is tragic. . couldn't have meant to though surely?? well Sam . .keep on choogling much love xxx joy

Nick said...

I've just got Mr Google's atlas out... you're off to Fjordland! Sounds great, I'm v jealous. Make sure you post plenty of photos for us to oogle at!


Anonymous said...


Big hi - Fergus isn't lrtting me do anything but keeping up - fab
Thinking of you lots and lots and wondering !!!!! ****** !!!!!!

Take care, lots of love


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Joy's comments on the strange town, like Stepford without the glamour.

Surely the caravan's got to be a joke? Fabulous views but so 1950's I expected to see Doris Day as Calamity Jane whip cracking away by the garlic.... (perhaps that's just my stuff).

Anyway darling when are we getting to the beaches and the palm trees? The fiords will be wonderful but after our Swedish kayaking nightmare I don't care for fur trees, so please post any photos with a warning (as I might start twitching).

Moira, caravan yes, gingham no.
Joy, put the mouse down and step away from google..
El Presidente, Heath was not good enough for you

and Sam more sex stories please.

jac x

Anonymous said...

...evidently they aren't superstitious in that town!! Or maybe just laziness wins and the decorations will stay up til next year now??
...I only get to Cumbria now & again....still in this limbo existence via the M6..hence the need for a Wii...driving isnt really exercise unless you count the road rage incidents on the A69!
...I agree with the others...more hot and steamy tales required...and I dont mean visiting those thermal spring places then have down there!

Much love

Moi xx

Anonymous said...

You sound like you are working ridiculously hard!
Alex and Simon

Anonymous said...

So what! Me and Philly are going to Exmoor for a whole week!! so stick that on your surf board and wax it!!!
Thats right EXMOOR!!!!
Read it and weep my friend!!!!!
(they got otters an' all sorts)
Give us a buzz if you want any travel tips coz i even went to Weston-Super-Mare last week - , I know, I can't believe it myself!!!!!!
Yours (well travelled n that)
Chris 'Exploration actually IS my middle name' Varlow