Monday, April 07, 2008


Just a quick update as i am running between lawyers and job interviews for the next couple of days. Have been busy with research and application forms and getting close to a wonderful man that i met at Autumn Farm a few weeks ago.

Everything seems to be falling into place at the moment and it is all hugely exciting. I have burst the bubble a couple of times and it still all feels good, will just have to wait and see on all fronts what is in store.

Will provide a better account of the last couple of weeks in a day or so time, just thought i should let you all know that i am alive and kicking and missing you all.


Anonymous said... glad you are still smiling!!! We miss you lots too!!

x Moi & Peter

Anonymous said...

you sound happy sweetheart, so can't wait to hear all about the jobs and the man when you are ready - let's set up a call?
much love and hugs jac xxxxx

ps was it the removal of cellotape that first brought you together at autumn farm?

joy said...

Hi Sam .. you must be busy . .get on the blog and tell us all about your man and is he in any of the photos you posted re autumn farm . . you know we are all nosey about these personal things .. or is that just me??? I am now going to use your blog to ask for donations for your bro Windy who is shortly going to walk to Italy and raise money for Children with AIDs .. the website for info and donations is

so come on we can do our bit . .the money donated online goes straight to the charity.

Sorry Sam but know you won't mind . .take care my lovely xx joy

samthegardener65 said...

your news sounds great. What an adventure hope it all turns to reality, leave all the details you want on here to help raise funds, and your facebook details again we can all follow progress

Travel safely bro.

Terry is wearing the Moet box in the kitchen scene!!!

Moi & Peter,
Will pop by for a cuppa sooner than i thought last time i wrote.... smiling again!!

Would love a chat sometime soon, let me know when a good time may be.

Love to you all

SAM xxxxxxxx