Friday, March 20, 2009

A hint of Chelsea

The Flower Show that is. San Francisco's 24th and probably final Flower and Garden Show opened yesterday and runs through until Sunday evening.

I had to go and check it out. Not quite sure what to expect I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity and extent of the show, though i must admit the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) would have had a thing or two to say!!!!! I loved it, fresh inspiring show gardens and displays, loads of stands selling horticultural and garden accessories, dahlias, orchids and japanese maples by the truck load - they must be in vogue this year, at least in California, and that wonderful smell that you only get at horticultural shows. A mixture of damp peat, freshly sawn timber and the blended fragrance of hundreds of flowering plants.

The message, as ever, is conserve, reuse, recycle, save water, choose ecologically sound planting schemes and grow your own vegetables!!! There seems to be a fascination here with keeping gutters clear of leaves and debris, i must have counted six stands, and it wasn't that big a place.

For those in the know, the Franchi seed stand brought familiarity and a smile to my face, as did Tubtrugs and certain tool manufacturers. The world is such a small place at the moment.


Anonymous said...

...I wonder if they do the 'buy everything' last day?!! Imagine doing the Chelsea show in March...brrrrrrrrrrrr! There's a prgramme on tv at the moment from the states where they show their keeness on recycle/reuse/save water etc...definately seem to be a few steps ahead of us in terms of mainstream suppliers to support it too! or is that just good tv work?
Today I have to pot on my courgette's been so warm here this week! Maybe I'll get to plant on my brussels as they are looking hopeless...any tips?
Take good care, keep enjoying all there is out there!
xx M & P

Anonymous said...

...just watching breakfast telly ....there's doing Priscilla as a stage show in London! Jason Donavan playing Tic...! Needless to say thought of us and our trip out to see it at the cinema all those years ago


joy said...

HI Sam you seem to be happy and busy as you find out more about your surroundings and of course the endless info re veg/flowers/fauna etc . .wouldn't be you if you didn't!! Not up to Moira's standards . I have pulled a few weeds . .well lots . .and chopped a couple of things back. John and Lou are fine . .Fran? who knows?? starting to come out of hibernation now that March is nearly over . .all good. Any progress with visa etc and business plans??
much love xx joy