Monday, March 16, 2009

Iron Chef America

I can't even recall seeing Iron Chef on the television in the UK, all i know is it originated in Japan and is now a huge hit here. Top chefs from around the US compete against the resident masters in a one hour culinary battle to produce amazing dishes from a mystery ingredient. Fast paced, informative inspirational and dare i say 'American' it is an amazing show to watch.

The Mystery Ingredient last night was the mighty cabbage and the challenging chef, David Kinch. David Kinch of Manresa restaurant who contracts Love Apple Farm to grow vegetables for his kitchen. He who turns up at the farm on a regular basis to collect the tidiest and freshest produce, chat about the weather and the surfing and a bit of world news.

We watched, of course we watched, but as invited guests to Manresa. (We being Cynthia and three volunteers) On a huge tv, with fine wine and delicious canapes, with all of the restaurant crew and their families and an explosive atmosphere. When chef appeared, everyone cheered, when he chopped, they cheered when the hour was up, they cheered. During the judging, much cheering and booing as the judges tasted and provided verdicts on meals the two chefs presented and the finale, when David and his team won, the whole place erupted in the most almighty roar. Then the party really began.....

The episode is taped and ready to watch again at the farm, without the reveling and cheering and conversations. I'll try and take in a bit more detail of what he actually produced next time. It was a spectacular show and a great evening. Congratulations to David and his Iron Chef team, Jean Paul and James.

I guess we'll be picking cabbage all next week!!


Anonymous said...

Let us know what he cooked as cabbage is not always that inspirational! A,S and E

Anonymous said...

...I have planted some cabbage will ask for recipes later in the year!
Happy Picking!

x Moi & Peter x