Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's been a while

Where do I start? I have not posted since before Easter, so there is plenty of catching up to do.

I was somewhat surprised, for such a christian, church going nation, that there are no big public holidays over the Easter weekend. Unlike in the UK where businesses close for Good Friday, Easter Monday and nearly everything is shut on Easter Sunday, things continue nearly as usual throughout the whole weekend here, a few places closed on the sunday.

Not that it made any difference to my plans, I was having a great time in San Francisco for the whole weekend. Daniel, one of the farm volunteers offered me a ride up on the Friday with his family and I spent the day with them, Carla, his wife and two girls, Izzie and Sophie. We had a great time in the Exploratorium, a hands on science museum with loads of interactive exhibits and tricks of the mind. We made square wheels roll along a bumpy road, floated dry ice “comets” across an “outer space” pond and watched them spin and collide as if in space. Watched a bulls eye being dissected and saw all the parts. Discovered the power of centrifugal forces and how geysers reach so far into the sky when it is just water. Listened to never ending scales in a sound booth and created lightening by winding a big handle on a strange machine. I had just as much fun as the girls did, and from the look of it, most of the other adults there. It’s just how it all works.

They took me to their favourite candy store and then we had a great meal on a pavement table at a great restaurant and a fun walk through China Town. It was great to experience some of these places with other people, especially youngsters with all their questions and excitement. It was one great day.

To finish off, Daniel insisted on dropping me at my hostel to ensure that i found it ok. Brilliant, as it was quite a bit further out than i had expected. I had a quick kip then headed out for a bit of a night on the town.

The night turned out to be more than I had planned for, a good bar, with great music and some interesting people to chat to. They pour a mean JD and coke I can tell you. I somehow stumbled back to the hostel in the early hours and poured myself into bed. Thankfully I had chosen a lower bunk as climbing at that late hour would have been far beyond my capabilities.

Saturday saw me leap out of bed and head out in search of a hearty breakfast way before 8 in the morning. A window seat in the sun, scrambled egg with smoked salmon, piles of rye toast with butter and jam and a good pot of earl grey brought me to my senses. I was still drunk. The sustenance fueled my nerves and they delivered the slow message to my brain that nothing was to be done for quite some time. Determined to take no notice I walked a coupe of blocks in search of inspiration for the day. The further I got the more determined my hangover became. By 10am I was tucked back up in bed, where I stayed for the majority of the day, only venturing out in the evening for some light Thai food and to investigate the view from the roof terrace. I ate, the view was there and I went back to bed. The nightclub downstairs did its best to keep me awake for a while but failed abysmally. I slept and Sunday soon arrived.

I felt much better for my extended rest and plenty of sleep and ready for the party of Easter weekend.


Anonymous said...'re getting old my friend....all day hangovers!!
xx M&P

Meg said...

Here in the South, everything is closed Easter Sunday and for most of the weekend too.

Glad you had fun in SF. It's my favorite city.