Monday, May 11, 2009

What to do?

The end of my stay is suddenly upon me, quite by surprise as it feels as if i still have ages here. Eight days to be precise and i have little idea of what to do when i get back to England.

My visa situation is still in the air. I can make no long term plans until that is decided, but either way I have the summer ahead of me.

Windy, my brother, has just invited me on a charity walk the week after i return which looks like an excellent thing to go and do.

Yo Big Bro!

Mum & Dad tell me you're flying back on the 19th...??


I'm thinking, if you'd like to, it would be awesome if you wanted to join us on the Hadrians Wall Walk, which we're setting off to do on Sunday 24th May, & it'll take 5-6 days....

Check out:

...and let me know if you're up for'd be awesome if you were...

I'm still trying to raise donations as much as possible...I'll be emailing Joy, Jac & Tania, etc...

anyways...spk soonest....

Big Love

Lil Bro XX

I have several invitations from friends around the UK to visit for a while which is excellent, all good folk who it will be great fun to spend time with and catch up on all the goings on.

HelpX hosts are inviting me from around Europe, i did suggest that i might plan a summer trip there, but i never thought it would generate so much interest. 3 farms in France, one in Portugal and several hosts that i have found that look really interesting. I could be gone for a while.

I also need to add a couple more blog posts to let all you good followers know what i have been up to for the last few weeks. My parents visit, more stuff down on the farm, parties and more. Lets see where i get to in these last few days. Take care y'awl.


Anonymous said...

You will LOVE the Hadrian's Wall walk!! and of course it's not too far from us....!! So glad you are going to have lots to keep you busy while you wait for the visa...
See you soon, travel east safely
xx M&P

joy said...

Hi Sam hadn't caught up with blog for a couple of weeks .. laughed loud and long re alcohol/hangover monster .. but as long as you had a great itme it was maybe worth it?? If you go walking Hadrians wall( and I donated months ago Windy . .you just didn't do the walk then .. bear in mind J & T are having afternoon etc do end of month . .as they are leaving London . . probably only until Sept when new house will be ready . .so maybe see you there or before or after .. whenever . . look forward to it. I suppose you have so many choices of things to do that you will maybe have difficulty sorting out which you will do . .how lovely. take care my dear and see you son xx joy

Anonymous said...

We are really looking forward to seeing you, obviously you are more than welcome to come and use our sofa bed whenever you want
Alex, Simon and Emma