Monday, September 28, 2009

albi revisited

Nicholas had to go to Albi, a local town, to do some research on barns for the renovation, so I went along for the ride and to see somewhere new. I had passed through on my way here but I was hitch hiking, carrying my big pack and it was over 30 degrees so I didn’t explore very far. This time I was better prepared and didn’t have the challenge of finding transport to get home.

A well preserved old town, stunning brick built cathedral, the only one in europe, with completely painted interior, amazing gardens, indoor market and plenty to keep me occupied for most of the day. Check out the photos.........


Anonymous said...

Are you looking amazingly muscled?
A,S and E

samthegardener65 said...

Maybe toned, but with all the good food that I am eating, probably just a bit heavier!!! Oh, and with a great tan too.

Anonymous said...

...your entries are like buses...we wait for ages then 3 come along at once!!
All great to read....the renovation sounds fascinating!
Glad you are still busy....don't think we didnt notice the tiny reference to California in there!
xx Moi & Peter

joy said...

HI Sam
You are now showing us your interest in archaeology .. fascinating . .how many people have you beaten at online scrabble .. or have you met your match . .so jealous re toned body AND a great tan .. maybe a pic of your good self again would be nice. The dancing sounds fun. As Moi says re any news re california as per your reference re any day now?? That would be great. Do you feel you are passing a very enjoyable interlude?? Your french must be greatly improved by now. take care lol joy