Sunday, October 04, 2009

the river

stone skimming
a quick dip
Nicholas and Agnes preparing lunch
full 'house' for a huge Sunday lunch

The river is not as warm as it was, the rain from a couple of weeks ago has forced colder water up from underground and cooled our local swimming hole. It is still a very pleasant way to wash away the grime and sweat of a days work and float along in the current of the river.

There was another gathering here yesterday, Nicholas parents are here for the weekend and there is also a friend staying from the UK who is helping out and great fun. Anges brought her crowd of helpers over, and a few neighbours joined us for lunch. Aligot and Toulouse sausage again on the bbq, tomato salad from the garden, wonderful desserts arrived with the guests along with plenty of wine and pastis. Music wafted from the open windows, blending with laughter from the great table and the chickens wandered around our legs waiting for scraps to fall to the floor.

A true, rural, al fresco dining experience. We ate until there was room for no more, chatted and laughed into the afternoon and before the heat of the day had subsided, took those that were eager, and some that were less eager for the swimming experience. Some made it to the river and enjoyed a coffee at the bar, others ventured a bit further and paddled and a brave few took the plunge and had a wonderfully refreshing afternoon swim in the cool waters of the Aveyron River.

We reheated ourselves round the freshly stoked bbq fire when we got back to the tower, marvelling on the simple pleasures of life and the fact that so much enjoyment can be had from so little. May be we should hunger for things like that in life and less for other, more materialistic pleasures. It’s just a thought.

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