Sunday, October 18, 2009


there is a glitch in the system somewhere. I have written a post three times and when I try and upload the photos, the whole thing disappears. So I give up for today.

Will give it another go in a day or two, until then I shall enjoy the remains of my Birthday and put some photos on Facebook instead.

Returning to the UK on Wednesday 21st October, hope its warmer there than it is here....


Anonymous said... long are you back for?

ps B'day song on previous post!

joy said...

Belated happy birthday Sam . .it's only the next number . .can't wait to see you. the weather will be awful when you travel so safe journey xx joy

jenjen said...

Hi Sam
You don't know me but I too worked at LoveApple farm (in between your two visits) and by chance saw your blog and was surprised to see you have just left the same area as I am in France! (Caylus in Tarn-et Garonne close to Villefranche). I came here to HelpX and am now living with the host!
Hope you get your U.S. visa. I too would love to live there and will return briefly in March 2010.
Love to all at LoveApple if you make it there.
Jenny from Jersey

samthegardener65 said...

Hi Jenny

Well spotted. How did you find my blog?

Amazing that we ended up in similar parts of France, are you settled there, or still on the move. Hope you're enjoying it all.

If you get to LAF first, send my love too.

Cheers SAM