Friday, February 05, 2010

lou rider in the snow

snow pile that has been cleared from the terrace in the last few days

Lou Rider with the mountains behind

Chester, the shyest dog in the world, until he gets to know you!!

giant icicles over the terrace 
check out one nights' snowfall on the tables

putting up the new sign

hotel sapiniere under its new blanket of snow

the new sign, courtesy of Joe and me


Anonymous said...

...glad to see a photo of you!!
x Moi & Peter

Anonymous said...

what no bacon and eggs for breakfast!!!! lovely to catch up with you again, it looks spectacular, really clean and beautiful

hoorah the book is now finished 76,000 words - it should emerge in June as a proper book!

now back into the job market so that we can afford a holiday

love j xxxx

Anonymous said... now v curious about the book J mentions....should we be looking out for it!?

samthegardener65 said...

J's book is about talent within the world of Human Resources in business and hits on some points that trusted theorists will feel somewhat challenging. Should be an interesting read as an insight into how large corporations work.
Hope that is a correct synopsis J?

Happy job hunting and holiday planning too.

Anonymous said...

mmmm, maybe I will have to pass...knowing nothing about that sort of thing! But good luck with it anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! Think of me as the Jacky Collins of HR.

-good summary Sam xxx