Monday, March 22, 2010

Amusing ourselves

Over the weeks we have amused ourselves by playing board games an extraordinary number of times.  Risk was a favourite for several weeks although it became a bit repetitive after a while.  

Ring of Fire was a resounding success, although not a board game, a great way to pass an evening and to consume an inordinate amount of alcohol at the same time.  A pack of cards is arranged, face down, in a circle on a table and players take it in turn to choose a card and reveal it.  Each card has a nominated challenge, sometimes involving the whole group and other times just that individual player.  We amended the forefeits for maximum fun and included ‘fuzzy duck’, blowing cards off a bottle, ‘one frog’, ‘I went shopping” as well as quick one or two shot rounds.  The whole game takes ages and becomes more fun as the participants become progressively drunk.  Not a good one for the person on early shift, of if there are loads of guests staying.  No doubt it will reappear in March when things quieten down a bit.

Current favourite is Pictionary, there is a french version that has been translated, a good way to improve vocabulary too, especially if the teams are a mixture of nationalities.  The one minute rule goes very fast when you have to look up every guess in a dictionary....  We got through loads of paper so have changed to using little chalk boards and chalk which increases the challenge somewhat, easier to start over though.  I think this one will run and run.  Can you guess what we have been drawing?

answers on a postcard please

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