Monday, March 01, 2010

Xynthia passes through

The local forecast predicted a bit of a storm and there was one.  It was rather windy in the valley and the resort closed 10 minutes after it opened, just to get its statistics up.  It has done this on several occasions during the season so we thought little of it.  We were kept busy with changing room and serving customers through the day and heard the occasional howl of a mighty gust of wind, but nothing much.

Some guests arrives back later in the day, having been delayed on the way up the mountain by fallen telegraph poles and told us how they had escaped being flattened by a falling tree.  their car had been parked in an unsecure place and they thought they should move it, had a look on foot, found a place and went back to get the car.  By the time they had returned, a couple of minutes later, a tree had collapsed right across the parking place and completely blocking the road.

The papers are full of pictures of the devastation, boats resting on harbour walls, trees down, houses destroyed and over 45 dead across France.  It looks terrible.  Cable car carriages blown off their wires, lift buildings destroyed, a couple of Pyrenean resorts have now closed for the season because of the damage.

The fire service called round late last night, a courtesy call, just to check that all was OK and that their assistance wasn't needed.  It wasn't and they left to continue their rounds.

Fortunately there has been no damage to the chalet and minimal damage to the resort here.  Again they reported a 90% opening of the resort today, but in reality it was more like 30%, not bad, and under calm sunny skies I skid all morning before returning to do the afternoon shift in the chalet.

It's taking some time to relocate ourselves back into our original rooms now that the overbooked guests have gone.  The speedy packing is taking its toll now and we are all missing various belongings as not everyone has finished unpacking.  My phone has died and the charger has not yet come to light so I am unable to text or call anyone.  Hopefully it will turn up soon.  Email if you feel the need.

I hope that you are all safe and well and that the weather hasn't affected you in any way.


Anonymous said...

Lordy!! When I first saw the post headline I thought of Cynthia....Can't believe that storm is it and it's affected you there!!!
xx glad it is over


Anonymous said...

Glad you are all ok. Thought it was just coastal. We are making some travel plans here, it would be good to know your plans for when the season is over. Love J, T & A xxx

joy said...

Hi Sam

I have just realised that of course you would still be doing your blog so have had a lovely time catching up with it all . .must have had a 'senior' moment' .. well it seems to have lasted months . .hibernation nearly over so waking up a bit now. Great to see all your photos and tells of everyday ski chalet. Hard work but fun. Are you back in a few weeks??

take care joy xx