Thursday, July 15, 2010

building stone walls

built another stone wall, a bit different to the last few, but then, they are never the same if the location changes.  I had cleared a steep bank of weeds and the soil was so steep that the first shower of rain would have washed most of it down onto the driveway below.  It needed retaining with something.  

Elsewhere on the property, banks and sloping planting areas have been shored up with small retaining walls using old roof tiles, they are in abundance as there have been three new roofs installed here during the last few years.  The tiles are set into the earth at an angle, partly to retain the soil and also to deflect any rain into the soil rather than down the slope. Properly installed, I was told, it should be possible to walk ( I guess stand would be a better description) on the top without it moving.  Additionally, there were several pieces of rock, stalagtites or ‘mites or some such calcareous formation that had been liberated at some stage and were to be incorporated into the wall.  They did not fit at all.

There are big rocks everywhere, hidden in the long grass, along the boundary, just underground or partially buried, hidden by worms, but that is another story.  These too came from demolition, renovation or reconstruction and were incorporated to make the job easier.

It started off as a fairly plain wall but evolved into more of a rustic art creation,  providing not only its retaining qualities, but a low seat and plenty of visual interest, Innes thought that it was marvelous and took several pictures of me and my creation, so, in conclusion, a job well done and just outside the summer kitchen so that it will be seen by everyone throughout the good weather.

summer kitchen


joy said...

HI Sam the wall is fabulous + looks asif it has been there for years .excelent job. we are now in our fourth week of sumer . .that is in the south east and much rin everywhere . .we have has some too and very + still warm . .and will be great agai by the weekend . .Alix is one .. we could have endless debates as to where does time go??xx joy

Anonymous said...

...strawberry wine....and pea-pod wine.....looking good! Dandelion wine in the demijohn maturing!!
Hope life with you still good and lots of weeds becoming food!

xx Moi

Anonymous said...

Hi you

You know me and technology but decided I would check the blog to see what you were up to. Big thank you's for Fergus's very special fun message and card - you are a star. Now I do know what you are up to! And it looks gooooood

We are in St Claude July 30 for a few days then migrating north.

Lots of love