Saturday, July 24, 2010

time out from helpX

Vanessa and Lisa had become good friends last winter as they visited Lou Rider on several occasions and had helped out there previously.  We always had a laugh when they visited the chalet and were great fun.  They had invited me to call in and stay whenever I wanted, so I took them up on their kind offer and dropped by for a few days between HelpX hosts. 

“You don’t have to work, you don’t have to cook, just relax, chill and do what you want.  If we go out, you can come with us or stay home, use the internet, play with the dog, help yourself to anything from the fridge.”  I couldn’t really go wrong with an offer like that although I did help in the garden and I did cook and I did go out with them and I did have a fabulous time. 

They are searching for the right place to buy in France and taking life at a very leisurely  pace at the moment, renting an old farmhouse about an hour south of Toulouse with a wonderful view of the Pyrenees in the distance and surrounded by farmland.  Now and again they venture out to view a property but on the whole they are just enjoying the view and a laid back way of life.

When I started to arrange how to get to my next host they stepped in and offered to take me to the door.  After studying the map, it was decided that there was an excellent walk just up the road and the whole thing was a great excuse for a day out.

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Lisa said...

Oh, and there was me thinking that the best bit was pumpkin mating...and don't forget how much TLC you gave to our tomatoes! x