Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the other house of straw

just foundations
frames for windows and doors
protected from the weather
after work

I haven’t really written about the other house, but as we construct the house of straw here, there is another project not that far away that is just starting to take shape. The two owners share their projects, help, expertise, knowledge, wwoofers, helpXers etc by working on each others properties for half of each week.

It all works really well and with a great group of helpers the days fly by, big communal meals at lunch time, the sharing of stories and plans of the future, (I already have some incredible neighbours for when I buy my plot of land here) great discussions and two pre decided teams for football, basket ball and all those other games that we play after close of play in the afternoons.

To date all the work there has been in preparation for the arrival of the straw. Completion of foundations, the wooden pre straw base, frames for windows and doors, the potager to keep everyone well fed and from time to time work on the lunch preparation team. Imagine the amount of grief I got from fourteen french people when they discovered that someone english was going to cook them lunch. Thankfully the meal that Téo and I delivered was a complete hit and is talked about till this day.

There is much excitement as, after weeks and weeks of delay due to the unpredictable weather, the straw arrives tomorrow. Six o’clock start there, so breakfast at five fifteen latest. It’s going to be an interesting one.


Anonymous said...

.....notice you slipped in "when I buy a plot of land here" !imminent....or for the future??
x Moi

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