Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wonderful weekend

modeling pizza dough pants
hot off the press
pizza making implements and brand new oven
that's old, that one
potager revisited

Wonderful weekend with Vanessa and Lisa even though they were in mid flow preparing for a parental visit followed by their landlord and his mother, so as you can imagine it wasn’t as chilled as it often is in Charlas.

Never the less I had a great time, as I do helping friends out and enjoying getting things done. Waking Ziggy the dog morning and evening through fields of sunflowers and sweet corn. Fixing things. Communal weeding and a good chat with lots of tea breaks is as enjoyable for me as a weekend visiting museums and galleries. That coupled with lots of spicy ‘english’ food and a good bit of rubbish television was a real treat after two months of uber healthy living in the mountains.

The real treat was held back to my last day, as it had only just been built and needed a bit of time to dry out. Home made pizza cooked in a home made clay pizza oven. It was the best. I have to build one of these when I get settled as it was marvelous. When I arrived Lisa was removing the sand form that supports the clay dome during construction, so it was literally the first time that the oven had been used. How cool was that.

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Anonymous said...

....no pollinating of plants this time?? Or do I have the wrong folk/plot?
x Moi