Monday, October 10, 2011

blogger stats and stuff

Well, I've just been having a bit of an explore with this new look blogger and all the bits and pieces that go on behind the scenes and it can supply an amazing amount of information on who looks at what and from where.

From the photograph of my screen, above, I am surprised to see where my viewers are coming from around the world and even what type of computers and software they are using.

Finland and Argentina, I wonder who logged on and what they searched for to find my blog.  Hopefully they found what they were looking for.  I expect, if I look further it can tell me how long they spent looking at each page and what they searched for to get there.

If the new layout persists on being unpopular, I can probably change it back, though out of the choice of seven, it's the one I prefer at present.  Specifically liking the sidebar as it gives an immediate reference back in time rather than a list of dates with no clue of what the posting was about.

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Anonymous said...

when I use the link on my favourites it gives me a choice of ways to open it up....and I opted for non-dynamic and it appears as it always has.....didnt like to risk the other options in case it did something funny to the computer!