Tuesday, October 04, 2011

domaine laurens

where the fermentation takes place

Slightly different from my last vineyard tour, that was at a high tech mega winery in Napa Valley, California, domaine Chandon if I am not mistaken.  Here, in the sleepy little village of Clairvaux, just down in the valley, about half an hour by bike, is a tiny wine shop.  

bottle, cork, cap, label and box, all in this tiny space
We, we being Nicolas, Anthony and I, called in to buy a bottle or two on our way to Agnés’ for dinner just as a group arrived for a tour, the lady vintner encouraged us to join the group.  We had a wonderful explanation of how the valley comes to be such a good place to grow grapes and a very interesting look around a highly acclaimed wine producers premises.  It was all in french so my mental vocab was woefully inadequate but I got the gist.  

ready for shipping
The tasting that followed was generous to say the least, both on wines and aperitifs (also produced on site), and so we continued to our evening out somewhat prepared on the alcohol front and equipped with more bottles than we had originally anticipated.  I was glad not to have been driving for sure.

tasting anyone?

Nicolas explaining the valley
 It was lovely to see Angés as always, and great to be in french speaking company.  I am always relieved when the words arrive and my ears can decypher the conversations, well, at least in part.  The evening was wonderful, some familiar faces and several new ones, especially the helpXers, the most delicious food and more of that wonderful wine.  Santé!


joy said...

HI Sam not sure I like the layout of the blog now . .did you change it?? + why. Great to hear you're catching up with old amigos and again making new ones .. sounds as if a very good time was had at the winery hic?? xx joy

Anonymous said...

...I now get a 'choice' of how to view it when I use my 'favourites' link to Sam's blog...so I chose the 'non-dynamic version' and it seems to be the same as before....but it is annoying I have to go thro that palava! But good to read the latest updates Sam! Cheers!