Tuesday, April 10, 2012

bye bye beauregard

That’s it with my Beauregard purchase. Saved from buying a house that I couldn’t afford to connect to electricity and water supply, and still have enough money left to renovate. Purely by accident, as I wrote about some little time ago.

The estimates for both utilities are now in and I am astounded by the cost of both. I have absolutely no idea how far they would have had to start the instillation from, but, having talked to several people on the phone, discover that there are no alternatives. Solar panels are not allowed in that area and the thought of starting the project completely off grid is not something I feel equipped to try at the moment. I could probably have coped with a well, but not both. Perhaps after another year of helpXing and researching I may feel differently, but for now it’s not on the cards. For the electricity the estimate for enlarging the network to allow me to join it came in at 17,000 euro and the water, a snip, at 11,500 euro. Both prices are before paying a separate bill of about 2,000 euro each for connection.

Hugely disappointed and sporadically furious at the misinformation that the estate agent provided, I am in the process of writing a strongly worded letter. Overall though I am relieved that coincidence and happenstance prevented me from purchasing the property at this time. I have learned plenty and am confident for the future, there will be plenty more opportunities, possibly even in the region that I originally pencilled in, so I continue my journey and start researching once again.


Anonymous said...

....it just wasn't meant to be my friend....the right one is still out there waiting for you to find it! I know you will be frustrated/angry/disappointed at various points....but relief will take over once you find the right one xx Moi

joy said...

que sera sera mon ami . .one door closes another will open as you know . .but yes maddening in the moment . . but more so because of all the crap you were told . . like Moira I agree you will find what you are looking for . . onwards and onwards keep exploring xx joy

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you found out in time. There is somewhere even better waiting out there for you. You popping back to UK at all?
A, S and E

Windy said...


I had no idea......

So sorry to hear that - but it MUST mean that Beauregard just wasn't meant to be, this whole searching malarkey CAN become VERY frustrating, but you KNOW, the right thing when it DOES present itself, WILL be obvious...

Hope that all is going great @ SBH?

Big Love

Lil Bro